Brand Compositions Indications Details 
IV infusion
Calcium Borogluconate: 20gm, Sodium Glycero Phosphate: 5.3gm, Calcivet is recommended to encounter the physiologic deficiencies of minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Metabolic disorders i.e. gestation, lactation,

Oral Solution
Each 100 ml contains:
Silymarin (Milk Thistle)      2100 mg
Sorbitol BP....20,000 mg
Choline Chloride USP    4,000 mg
Poultry and Livestock digestive stimulant, appetite-feed supplement, which stimulates the animals natural defence readiness. Helps prevent chronic liver disease,

Oral Solution
Solanum Nigrum, Mangifera Indica, Andrographis paniculata, Optimizes liver & kidney function, decrease toxicity. Increase egg production, weight gain, increase immunity, reduces morbidity & mortality.

Each ml contains:
Meloxicam B.P.  .............20 mg
Cattle: Alleviation of inflammation and relief of pain in both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders and for the relief of pain associated with Osteoarthritis

Nevit Forte
Each ml contains
Novaminsulfon M.Spec. ……….     40 mg
Etilefrine (as HCl) B.P.    ………… 0.2 mg
A therapy in weakness and exhaustion, as a supplement to antibiotics in acute and severe infections like coli mastitis, septicemia, enteritis, pneumonia, in transportation diseases, ketosis,

Each ml contains:
Prednisolone acetate B.P.  .......25 mg
Predivet has pronounced anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-pathogenic actions.
Predivet is effective in drug Eczema, Dermatitis (non-specific) and all kinds of inflammations.

Each vial contains:
Quinapyramine Sulphate B. Vet. C.  .. 1.5 gm
Quinapyramine Chloride B. Vet. C. …… 1.0 gm
Add 15 ml sterile water for injection and shake well to make suspension for immediate use.
The recommended dose is 0.025 ml of Quinamin injection per kg body weight.

Injectable Powder
Each vial contains:
Diminazene aceturate ...  1.05 gm
Antipyrine......  1.31 gm
To control & treat infections caused by Trypanosoma, Babesia and piroplasma in livestock & domestic animals.