Managing Director Message

Ehsan Awan
  Managing Director

In this day and age sound marketing strategies have earned a major importance in the pharmaceutical industry due to immense competition and similar generic products are being manufactured by several National and Multinational Pharmaceuticals. To survive in such competitive environment where nothing seems to be a vital than marketing Pharmaceutical without a strong marketing mindset are at a disadvantage those who are still centered on their products, rather than their customers are doomed to fail.

Our marketing strategies are an ideal mix of public awareness campaigns, disease awareness and prevention campaigns, scientific promotion, and customer relationship management.


We are well aware of the situation of present era where nothing is vital than marketing we have set high financial budgets for our sales and marketing team and trained them with modern marketing studies and equipped them with modern marketing tools.

In the international market Nawan Laboratories’s objective is to achieve a respectable position within 2 years and lay a strong emphasis on showing the flag in new geographical areas with special regard to countries in the African Markets and the Middle East. For details please click on Nawan Worldwide